Made by the skilled weavers of the small village of Negamam, Coimbatore cotton sarees are renowned all over the country. Also known as 'Village Cot' sarees, they are recognised for their simple striped and checkered designs and vibrant hues. The heavy cotton threadwork done in the pallu is a speciality. The sarees have a narrow border and the pallu is adorned with motifs of parrots, peacocks, paisleys, swans and elephants. These are often mirrored across the length of the fabric.


The process of weaving these exquisite sarees is a painstaking one, in which raw materials like kora silk, silk cotton or pure cotton are used. The whole family is generally involved in the production of the sarees that involves drawing out and hand-spinning the threads. This is followed by dying and drying the yarn, after which it is spun on a huge drum (warp). This stretches the yarn, which is later starched by rice/potato/maize starch, and then woven into lovely sarees. Apart from shopping for these beautiful sarees to your heart's content, you can also visit the weavers at Negamam and take a close look at the whole process. The handloom artisans of the village have been practicing their craft for centuries and the skill is passed from generation to generation. The village mostly consists of tiled-roof houses and a temple that houses a peepal tree in the sanctum sanctorum. While traipsing along the streets, one can hear the constant click-clack of handlooms and enjoy the intriguing process of weaving.

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