An off-beat travel stopover, the small town of Subathu, a stone's throw from Solan, is one of the most picturesque spots in the state. Exuding colonial-era charm, it boasts several British architecture buildings that were constructed in 1829, when Lord William Bentick, former governor-general of India, built a viceregal lodge and 20 other buildings here. The British established Subathu as a cantonment area and it is a relatively unexplored and unspoilt spot. A regimental centre for the Gurkha Rifles, Subathu boasts a museum, which displays souvenirs that were brought back by the regiments after the war. Among the most popular is the Boxer Rebellion in China, which was crushed by Subahtu Gurkha regiment after marching through Peking in 1900 and bringing home a couple of stones from the Great Wall of China as trophies.

Subahtu was also a major centre of trade between India and Tibet with Kinnauri and Tibetan wool and Pashmina being in great demand.

Another attraction is the Gurkha Fort, which is located on a small hillock at a height of 4,500 m. Surrounded by dense forests, the fort houses cannons that are believed to be as old as 180 years! It is said that the fort was constructed in 1900 AD by Amar Singh Thapa, a Gurkha army chief, to fight the British. The remains of the fort make for an interesting historical tour, where visitors can reflect upon the tales of valour and courage of the Gurkha warriors. Today, the fort is under the Indian Army's 14 Gurkha training centre.

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