One of the most popular and oldest churches in Himachal Pradesh, the Christ Church was constructed by the British families staying in and around Kasauli in 1853. Considered to be a unique blend of Gothic and Indian styles, this brick and wood church is located near Sadar Bazaar in the town and is dedicated to St Barnabas and St Francis. Ornamented with mirror work, the grey building of the church has been constructed in the shape of a cross and is visited by people of all faiths due to its picturesque structure and beauty. Its architectural innovations include a cruciform floor, stained glass windows, an aisle leading to an altar sculpture and a clock tower. Incidentally, the stained glass was imported from England when the church was being constructed. A cemetery in the church complex has graves that date back to the 1850s and some even before that. However, it is the simplicity of the place that transports visitors to the era when the British stayed here. Over the altar is an image depicting the crucification of Jesus Christ; it also shows Joseph and Mary on either side of the Lord.

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