Surrounded by the snow-capped Shivalik Hills, the ideal, fairy-tale town of Kasauli, in Himachal Pradesh, has an old-world charm, dating back to the times when it was established as an Army cantonment in 1842. Lined with a number of sprawling colonial bungalows, quaint cottages tucked amidst oak and pine trees, cobbled pathways, serene churches and small souvenir shops, Kasauli is where colonial tales come to life. Tourists can experience this rich legacy while staying in the Raj-era bungalows that have now been converted either into homestays or hotels. With its lush green mountains home to a wide variety of species of birds and animals, Kasauli has a rich reservoir of flora and fauna.

Folklore says Kasauli has derived its name from a flower found in the hills called kasool. A two-hour drive from the city of Chandigarh, Kasauli is home to several ancient temples. Legend has it that Kasauli is the place where Lord Hanuman's foot touched land on his way back to Sri Lanka from the Himalayas, while carrying sanjiwani buti (a medicinal herb) to bring Lord Lakshmana back to life in the epic, Ramayana.

Kasauli is also popular as the birthplace of famous Indian author of British origin, Ruskin Bond. The town is chilly during winters with temperatures falling to 2 degree, while summers are pleasant.

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