Separated by an overbridge called Pul Pukhta are two stunning lakes, Upper Lake and Lower Lake. Together, they are perhaps the loveliest and the most picturesque waterfronts in the country, with vast green gardens and crystal clear waters.


The Bada Talaab or Upper Lake or Bhojtal is one of the oldest man-made lakes in the country, built in the 11th century. Spread over an area of 36 sq km, it provides tourists with not only incredible vistas but also water sports opportunities. You can go canoeing or relax amidst nature at Kamla Park, located close to the lake. There are facilities of paddle boats, sailboats and motorboats as well. Go boating in the still, calm water in the evening to catch a beautiful sunset – the rays of the sun bounce off the surface and make it look as though the whole lake is aflame! The Upper Lake was built by Raja Bhoj, of the Paramara dynasty in 11th century. Legend has it, Raja Bhoj suffered from a skin ailment that no medicine or herb could cure. A saint advised him to build a tank combining the water from 365 tributaries and bathe in it to alleviate his pain. Upper Lake thus came into being. In 2011, it was renamed Bhojtal in honour of the king.


To the east of Bhojtal lies the Chota Talaab or Lower Lake, constructed by Chote Khan, a minister of nawab Hayat Mohammad Khan, in 1794. Together, the two water bodies are known as the Bhoj Wetlands. The lawns around the lakes are well-maintained and make for great places to take a leisurely stroll or enjoy a lovely sunset. The wetlands are also home to many birds, so keep an eye out for the winged residents of Bada and Chota Talaab!

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