One of the most prestigious national institutes in the country for performing and visual arts, Bharat Bhavan was designed by architect Charles Mark Correa. The multi-art centre was set up to create an interactive proximity among verbal, performing and visual arts. Bharat Bhavan has an art gallery, a theatre, rehearsal rooms, and libraries of Indian poetry, workshop for fine arts, classical and folk music as well as indoor and outdoor auditoria. Over the years, Bharat Bhavan has organised many programmes including exhibitions, film shows, readings and music concerts, including but not limited to the World Poetry Festival, International Print Biennial (eight events), Biennial of Contemporary Indian Art, Commonwealth Countries’ Theatre workshop, National Drama Festivals, Sarangi Mela, Jaipur Gharana Music Festival, Purush Dance Festival, Swayamsiddha (centred on the creativity of women), Kavi Bharti and Samvaya, among others. The bhavan has several wings responsible for different events: Roopankar (museum of fine arts), Rangmandal (theatre library), Vagarth (center of Indian poetry), Anhad (center of classical and folk music), Chhavi (center of classical cinema) and Nirala Srijanpeeth (creative writing).

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