Explore Bhopal city and its best places to visit

Divided by the picturesque and pristine Upper Lake and Lower Lake, the city of Bhopal, at the heart of Madhya Pradesh, remains suspended in time. On one side of the lakes is the bustling old walled city, which is a labyrinth of narrow streets and chowks. It has a score of bazaars that are always teeming with locals haggling with shopkeepers over sundry items, and several mosques and alleyways. Its cosmopolitan counterpart, sitting to the south of the lakes, can match the pace of any metropolis in the country. The central district is known as New Market and is characterised by shopping centres, luxurious hotels and multi-cuisine restaurants. This area sits in the shadow of the Shamla Hills, which overlook the lakes and the old city. One of the greenest cities in India, Bhopal boasts many national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and zoological parks rife with flora and fauna. Moreover, the city provides the perfect setting for foodies.

Founded by Paramara king Raja Bhoj in the 11th century, Bhopal was earlier known as Bhojpal after a pal (dam) constructed by one of the king’s ministers. The city is a confluence of old-world cultural heritage and new-age urban planning. Still retaining the imprints of the powerful female rulers, who reigned between 1819 and 1926, in the form of various monuments like the Gohar Mahal, the city is a unique amalgamation of the old and the new. It also bears footprints of the Mughals and the Afghans and showcases influences of Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism that have been woven together with perfection.

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