One of the most important sites of worship and prayer for the Jain community, Manuabhan Ki Tekri is a landmark of Bhopal. Perched atop a hill, this stone structure lies amidst picturesque beauty, which can be enjoyed from any high vantage point here.


The footwear of Jain saints Shri Jindutta Sureshwar, Shri Vijay Suri and Acharya Manutungare are kept on the 'tekri' here, accompanied by a statue of Shriman Bhadarji, another saint. An old manuscript, the language of which has not yet been deciphered, has been carved into the stone of the Simha Gate.

The 'sadhna sthali' of the Oswal dynasty is also said to be at Manuabhan Ki Tekri. On the day of Kartik Purnima, a big fair is organised. Also known as Mahaveer Giri, the temple is a popular tourist attraction, approachable by foot or ropeway. The ropeway is much more enjoyable, affording visitors spectacular views of the city of Bhopal.

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