A speciality drink from South Indian, filter coffee is prepared by mixing together milk and a decoction of coffee, made by filtering finely-ground coffee beans through boiling water. It can be had with or without milk. Filter coffee is a potent beverage that is brewed extra strong.

Coffee is believed to have come to India in the early 17th century in Karnataka. At the time, coffee was a safely guarded secret of the regions of present-day Yemen. Legend has it that a Muslim saint, Baba Budan from Chikmagalur, smuggled seven coffee beans in his beard and planted them in the Chandragiri Hills in Karnataka.

By the 19th century, the coffee culture had invaded most of South India, where people began brewing their beverage with milk and sweetening them with jaggery and honey.

Today, coffee is served in stainless steel glasses, which have two halves that look like cylindrical cups. One is used to load fresh grounds, which are then compressed, and the other collects the brewed beverage.

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