The gorgeous landscape of Belgaum is endowed with gurgling streams, majestic waterfalls, verdant hillocks and narrow winding forest lanes, making it the perfect place for trekkers and hikers. One of the best trekking routes in Belgaum is the trek to the Shimbola Waterfalls. The cascading falls provides an exciting trail of 10-12 km, and the trek can be accomplished within five hours. Another great option for trekking is Sada Village, wherein you get to explore a diverse landscape. During this trek, you can stop at an ancient fort built by the rulers of the Kadamba dynasty (345-525 CE), relax at a gorgeous waterfall surrounded by dense forests and crawl through volcanic caves or try your luck at spotting the mysterious Mother Mary Rock. Tourists can also opt for the remarkable trek to Kalsa and Sural valleys, wherein they will get an opportunity to stroll through the wilderness in the Kankumbi forests. It usually takes around four hours to complete the trek, which involves navigating through boulders in the river and pushing against challenging steep ascends and descents. Belgaum is also famous for its jungle trekking trails, which can be taken on even by beginners. Experienced guides take tourists around the Dandeli jungles. If you are lucky, you can get a chance to spot wild animals like black panther, Malabar squirrel, sloth bear, barking deer, sambar, bison, iguana, cobra, elephant, and birds like the great Indian hornbill.

Other Attractions in Belgaum