Also known as Markandeya Falls, the Godachinamalki Falls is nestled in a deep green valley formed by the pristine Markandeya river. Reaching the waterfalls is an adventure in itself as one needs to start a short trek from Godachinmalki village and pass through an irregular forest route to make it to the majestic waterfalls. River Markandeya first falls from a height of 25 m and then flows into a rocky valley and falls for the second time from a height of about 20 m. Tourists can also visit two dams located near the waterfalls. The Hidkal Dam is built across the Ghataprabha river while the Shirur Dam is built across the Markandeya river. The waterfalls is located at a distance of 69 km from Belgaum and makes for a truly blissful experience.

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