Saundatti is best known for the Saundatti Yellamma Temple, also known as Savadatti Renuka Yellamma Temple. Perched on the top of the Yellammagudda Hill, the prehistoric temple is dedicated to Goddess Yellamma or Renuka Yellamma Devi. Built in 1514 by Bommappa Nayaka, the temple is a major pilgrim centre for the people of Karnataka. Saundatti is also called Sugandavarti and is one of the oldest towns near Belgaum. It once served as the capital of the Ratta dynasty from 875 to 1230. Another important attraction in the town is the 18th century Savadatti Fort that has eight bastions. The fort also houses a temple and is noted for beautiful carvings of geometrical patterns featuring more than 200 designs. Tourists can also head to the Renuka Sagar Lake, which is a reservoir for the Malaprabha river, formed by the Navilatirtha Dam. Surrounded by lush green surroundings and verdant hills, the lake provides the perfect setting for unwinding in a calm and peaceful environment. Saundatti lies at a distance of 87 km from Belgaum.

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