Often called the crown of Kerala due to its natural treasures, Kannur is believed to be the place from where timber was collected for the construction of Jerusalem’s great temple by the ships of King Solomon. It has trade links dating back to the times of Arabs, Romans and Greeks. Preserving its rich heritage well, Kannur invites tourists for its notable shrines and ancient forts. Rubbing shoulders with its history are quaint golden sand beaches and beautiful weaves that make for great shopping options. While here, you can also witness Theyyam, a popular art form of the region.

The Kannur Fort or St Angelo's Fort, situated 3 km from Kannur, is a major attraction that was built by the first Portuguese Viceroy of India, Dom Francisco de Almeida, in 1505. The fort stands as a testament to Kannur's colonial past and is one of the most visited tourist spots in Kannur. The Moppila Bay and Arakkal Mosque are also located nearby.
Kannur is also noted for its pristine beaches and the most popular is Muzhappilangad, which is a drive-in beach. Driving in your car along the long beach makes for a truly thrilling experience. Located only 2 km from Nadal Junction in Kannur, the Ezhara Beach is one of the unspoilt beaches here. 

Kannur is also known for its temples and the ancient Peralassery Sri Subrahmanya Temple is one of the most gorgeous temples in Kerala. The main attraction of the temple is its pond, which makes for the perfect photography point. Dedicated to Lord Subramanya, the temple is a must-visit site.

For nature and wildlife lovers, Kannur has the Aralam Sanctuary nestled in the Western Ghats. Located at a distance of 55 km from Kannur, the sanctuary is home to a vast variety of flora and fauna. Some of the common sightings include deer, elephants, boars, bison and various types of squirrels. Kannur is located at a distance of 80 km from Bekal and can easily be reached in two hours.

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