An emerald gem set amidst honey-hued beaches, pristine waterfalls and beautiful crystal-clear backwaters, the coastal town of Bekal, snuggled in the heart of Kerala, is a secluded and spectacular tourist destination. Home to the majestic 300-year-old Bekal Fort, the town is fringed by serene beaches that offer bewitching views of sunsets and thrilling opportunities for water sports and nature walks. The town also boasts a rich cultural heritage that is reflected in its unique handicrafts like granite idols, coconut products and wood carvings. Bekal is also a gateway to picturesque locations like Kannur and Kozhikode nearby.

The local Kannada author Rama Nayak once wrote that the name Bekal has been derived from “Baliakulam”, meaning a big palace. This is a reference to a palace that was once located in the region. Over time, Baliakulam became Bekulam, and later, Bekal.

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