The strikingly beautiful 9th century Ananthapura Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is situated in the middle of a lake. This is the only lake temple in Kerala and is considered to be the original abode of Lord Ananthapadmanabha. Devotees need to cross a bridge to reach the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. The lake temple offers amazing views of the surrounding hillocks and swaying palm and coconut trees. The gorgeous temple is also noted for being home to a 150-year-old crocodile, who is called Babia/ Babiya, and is considered to be the guardian of the temple. Visitors to the temple make sure to get a glimpse of the crocodile. The Ananthapura Lake Temple is located at a distance of 30 km from Bekal and the drive to the temple proves to be an equally beautiful and fascinating experience.

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