Explore Pune city and its best places to visit

Ensconced in the majestic Sahayadri mountain range, the bustling city of Pune, second-largest in Maharashtra and the eight-largest metropolis in India, is hailed for its impressive architecture, which is a legacy of the Marathas who were the erstwhile rulers. Dotted with grand forts, palatial structures (wadas), ancient caves and temples, the city is steeped in spirituality and history. Its reverential fervour can be experienced in the many ashtavinayak (Lord Ganesha) temples that the city plays host to. Boasting a vibrant culinary scene, Pune is a treasure trove of delicacies. MG Road, Koregaon Park, Kalyani Nagar and Viman Nagar are perhaps the most frequented areas in the city and offer everything from street food to luxury dining.

Pune has seen an influx of German and other European citizens who have migrated here to volunteer at local schools and ashrams. This has led to a notable change in the type of cuisine and style of presentation in the city – the restaurants and pubs now have a versatile audience to cater to. Pizzerias, Greek resto-bars, Continental cafes, steakhouses and a whole host of patisseries call Pune home, and there are more cropping up every day.

A green city with a number of parks and recreational areas, Pune is especially preffered by retirees who move here to get away from the hustle and noise of larger, more boisterous cities. Its lovely weather, accessible amenities and peaceful streets have earned it the sobriquet 'pensioner’s paradise'

.Besides, it has a rich history woven by the legendary Maratha empire. In fact, under the Peshwa rule, it was the capital city. In 1817, the British made it the monsoon capital of the Bombay Presidency. Now growing by leaps and bounds, economically and industrially, it is also an important IT hub of the country. Besides, automotive and engineering industries are coming up in a big way in Pune. The presence of several educational and research institutions has earned the city the title of the Oxford of the east. One will find several museums that hold rare artefacts in Pune.

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