A haven for wildlife enthusiasts and bird watchers, Nandur Madhyameshwar Sanctuary has been given the moniker of the Bharatpur of Maharashtra, owing to its abundance of rare feathery residents. It is a flourishing wetland with 23 lakes and smaller ponds, and is considered one of the important habitats for waterfowls by the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The sanctuary is a goldmine for ornithologists as one can find osprey, flamingos and a variety of other birds here. Sprawling over 1765 hectare of lush greenery and evergreen forests, the sanctuary sits at the confluence of the Godavari and Kadwa rivers. You can go boating on the parks water reservoir, which provides a unique view of the surrounding jungles, allowing you to observe the birds and other animals in a serene and calm environment. Approximately 24 species of fish have been noted in the waters of this reservoir. Nandur Madhyameshwar is home to 80 species of migratory birds like the white stork, glossy ibis, spoonbill, flamingo, goose, Brahminy duck, pintail, mallard, wigeon, shoveller, crane, curlew, pratincole, wagtail, godwit, weaver etc. You can also find small mammals like the wild dog, barking deer, wild boar etc.


The sanctuary was established in 1950 and the best time to visit is between October and March, when a host of migratory birds nest here.

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