According to a legend, it is believed that Barsana was the place where Radharani, the consort of Lord Krishna, resided. There are many temples in the area but the most prominent is the Radharani Temple. It is also called Ladliji (the beloved one) or Shriji, and is said to have been established around 5,000 years ago by Vajranabha.

Another temple worth visiting is Maan Mandir. It is said Radha would come here when she was annoyed with Lord Krishna, who would plead and cry to appease her. There is a dark tunnel leading to a small room to which she would withdraw. You can also explore Mor Kutir, where Goddess Radha and Lord Krishna would dance as peacock and peahen; Krishna Kund, where they would bathe; and Sankari Khor, a narrow passageway between two hills. A legend says Lord Krishna and his cowherds would block Radha and her friends’ path and playfully demand ghee, butter and yoghurt from them.

Some of the other temples include Jaipur Temple, Peeli Pokhar, and Dangarh, as well as other places of interest like Bhanokhar Tank, Prem Sarovar, Roop Sarovar, etc. Barsana is known for Lathmar Holi and the birth anniversary of Radharani. During the birth anniversary celebrations, female devotees offer ladoos to peacocks early in the morning. The ritual symbolises offerings made to Lord Krishna.

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