Situated on the banks of River Yamuna, Cheer Ghat is believed to be the site where Lord Krishna climbed the kadamba tree and teased his gopis while they were bathing. A tree believed to be a symbol of Lord Krishna's mischief still stands tall in Cheer Ghat. Numerous sarees sway from the branches as a tribute to the story. In fact, such is the repute of this particular tree that people still worship and make offerings to it.

Given the strong presence of Lord Krishna in the area, as recounted by various legends that even today are propagated among locals and tourists alike, Braj Ras, or the bliss of Braj, is considered important. A quiet and peaceful spot, Cheer Ghat is a good place to soak in the spiritual vibes of Vrindavan as you imagine a playful Lord Krishna and his gopis frolicking about with abandon.

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