A sacred Hindu site in the Mathura district, it is situated on a hill called Giriraj. According to legend, young Lord Krishna held the Govardhan mountain on his little finger for seven days. He did so to save Braj from torrential rain caused by Devraj Indra (the lord of rain), who had cursed the people for failing to please him. Another legend speaks of how the hill ascended from heaven to become a part of Lord Krishna’s divine Leela. Today, it is believed that completing a parikrama (circumambulation) of Govardhan Hill will grant all your wishes.

Govardhan is vastly important for devotees, who flock here during Krishna Janmashtami and other festivals associated with the deity. A huge statue of his dominates the skyline of Govardhan, further emphasising its connection with Lord Krishna and his life.

The parikrama is undoubtedly the most important facet of Govardhan, however, there are quite a few attractions associated with Lord Krishna that will keep tourists, not to mention history buffs, occupied. You could first head to the main temple of Govardhan, known as Har Devaji. It boasts beautiful statues of Goddess Radha and Lord Krishna, and depicts episodes from the latter’s life. Also check out Mansi Ganga, a large stone water tank built by Raja Bhagwan Das; Kusum Sarovar, where Krishna’s gopis would wait for him, and the Radha Kund, where Goddess Radha and Lord Krishna would meet with the gopis.

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