Surrounded by lush green forests, dotted with vibrant flowers, Kusum Sarovar is a serene spot. As per popular belief, Lord Krishna and his gopis used to meet at this pond. It is said that Goddess Radha would come here under the pretext of collecting flowers for her friends, but would secretly meet with Lord Krishna and have playful conversations.

Until the year 1675, it was a natural pond, but was constructed properly by Veer Singh Deo, the ruler of Orchha (1605-1626). Close to this pond, a magnificent cenotaph is situated that was built by the kings of Bharatpur. The cenotaph has intricate carvings and a beautiful design that depicts the glorious life of Raja Suraj Mal, the king of Bharatpur (1707-1763). The main tomb covers an area of 57 sq ft. A monument has been dedicated to Suraj Mal, and is flanked by statues of his two queens, Hansiya (who is accompanied by a faithful assistant), and Kishori. These statues stand on a 460-ft-long terrace, with a shallow pavilion at each end that serves as a screen.

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