Walking Tours

One of the best ways to explore Goa’s cultural districts is on foot. Specialised tour guides offer interesting takes on local architecture, food and heritage on walking tours that are organised across the state. Panjim Market, which is said to be the pulse of Goa, is one of the  best spots to start your tour. Enjoy Goa’s pleasant weather as you stroll around this early morning market that bustles with locals and shoppers setting up their wares. You can get budgeted buys on local handicrafts as well as knick-knacks. 
Following the temple trail in Goa can be an unforgettable experience. These tours are mostly centred around northern Goa. The first stopover on the itinerary is the Mahalaxmi Temple, dedicated to Goddess Mahalaxmi. This 18th century shrine is believed to be among the first temples built during the Portuguese rule in the region.
Old Goa remains steeped in history and its rich heritage is reflected in various monuments and churches. One of the most popular walks in Old Goa, it starts from the entry point that was built in the memory of Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama. The next on the list is the majestic  St Cajetan Church, which draws architectural influences from Roman churches. Visitors are left awed by the 46-m-high St Augustine Tower perched on the Holy Hill. The last stop is the Church Of Our Lady Of The Rosary, an architectural delight that is situated on the edge of the hill.

You can also sign up for tours conducted through various spice plantations in rural Goa that give visitors a peek into the cultivation of these fragrant condiments. In Panaji, the Fontainhas area is brimming with Portuguese influences that are best explored on foot. Pastel-hued buildings, the Sao Tomé area near the main post office, and stories of the historic Pinto Revolt are to be enjoyed here. 

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