Vana is an idyllic and sprawling wellness retreat near Dehradun. It is popular for its many programmes and schedules that focus on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellness. These programmes span from treatments like Ayurveda, sowa rigpa (Tibetan healing), yoga and natural therapies to spa, fitness and aqua techniques. The picturesque retreat, spread over 21 acre, is surrounded by a lush sal forest and offers more than 50 treatments with 82 guest rooms and suites. The sprawling resort has been constructed in the colours and elements of the earth. Large swaying trees, pebbled walkways, mud walls and bamboo groves form just some of the serene elements of Vana's enchanting surroundings. The retreat has made a conscious effort to stay in tune with the rhythms and patterns of nature. The music, creative endeavours, cuisine as well as festivals are all governed by the cycles and rhythms of nature. Music is an integral part of the life and philosophy of the Vana foundation and daily music prayers and offerings are carried out in the premises. The retreat features individual and private treatments and sessions along with compulsory group sessions. The various daily activities include yoga, at least one form of meditation , raag therapy and music offerings. Other activities include cuisine lessons, treks and fitness sessions.