With the majestic Zanskar range in the backdrop, the World Heritage Site of Valley of Flowers lies at an impressive altitude of around 11,000 ft. Resembling an artist's canvas, the valley is like a flood of colourful hues that are held together by snowy mountain peaks and white glaciers. It is located between the conversion point of the Himalayan ranges, Zanskar and the Western and Eastern Himalayas and is formed by the Pushpavati stream. In August and September, the valley comes alive when thousands of flowers are in full bloom. Besides popular species of ferns, dwarf iris, dwarf larkspur, dwarf rhododendrons, primula, blue poppies, one can also find thousands of shrubs, orchids and plants in beautiful shades. It was Frank Smythe who discovered this beautiful place in 1931 when he was returning after completing an expedition to Mt Kamet.

A popular trek to this paradisiacal place takes travellers through gorgeous landscapes, where they get the chance to sight rare and exotic Himalayan flora. For the avid trekker, the somewhat difficult treks are rewarded by numerous scenes of cascading waterfalls, streams and flowery meadows around every corner of the landscape.