A popular retreat since the time of British rule, Chakrata is a popular picnic spot that provides a panoramic view of the Yamuna valley and dense forests. The forest around Chakrata has amazing flora and fauna. It is the natural habitat of many wildlife species including panther, spotted deer and wild fowls. As one enters Chakrata, one comes across a small central chowk, from where the road forks into two. The road heading straight is Tyuni Road, while the road to the right connects to the Mussoorie - Yamunotri Highway. On the Mussoorie road, just a few minutes away, a road breaks to the right, opening to the local market which is a paradise for shoppers. Located 5 km from Chakrata is the Tiger falls, which splashes into a rocky pool from a height of over 300 m and provides an exhilarating sight to visitors and trekkers. 

A cool and pleasant ambience makes the stay in Chakrata more enjoyable. Moreover, the northern slopes of Chakrata are ideal for skiing and trekking. A particular appeal for mountain climbers is the Kharamba Peak, one of the highest peaks of the area, lying at a height of about 10,000 ft.

About 13 km from Chakrata lies the Deoban area covered with thick deodar forests offering an excellent close range Himalayan view. It is considered as the best spot for birdwatching. This scenic meadow, at a height of 9,400 ft, is positioned under clear blue skies and is rarely crowded. 

Another attraction nearby is the Budher caves, which lie at an altitude of 2,738 m. About 22 km from Chakrata, the caves are also known as Miola Caves after German national, Miola, who discovered them. According to mythology, the caves are believed to have been built by the Pandavas of the epic Mahabharata, and they extend up to 150 km in length. They can be reached by driving till Budher Forest Rest House and then trekking further for 2.5 – 3 km till Miola Top. The trail to the caves is quite narrow but amazing. The entrance to the Budher caves is surrounded by beautiful green meadows. It is said that the extreme end of the caves is still unexplored as the trekking path is highly difficult. Chakrata lies about 163 km from Dehradun.

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