Berhampur is a vibrant industrial town located about 171 km from Bhubaneswar. It is located to the south of the Chilika Lake and is famed for its ikat silk textiles. The town is also known for artisans who make brass and bell metalware, wood carvings and carpets. There are shrines dedicated to Thukurani, Jagannath and Nilakantheswar Shiva here, along with a museum that houses a collection of sculptures, and specimens of anthropological and natural history. Jaugarh, a popular place, is noteworthy because it is home to Ashokan rock edicts and other archaeological ruins. From this, one can conclude that the place was a part of Mauryan ruler Ashoka's empire, who was a proponent of Buddhism. Tourists can also relax in various beach resorts around the area.

Other Attractions in Bhubaneswar