The Adivasi Mela is a tribal exhibition and festival that is held annually at Bhubaneswar's Adivasi Exhibition Ground. It is considered to be the oldest festival of the tribal communities in the region that brings together around 62 tribes from across the state. The festival is usually held for a fortnight during the months of January and February. On display, as well as for sale, is tribal jewellery such as the hansuli, a kind of neck ring, the kagdang which is a neck ring unique to the Kutia Kondh tribe, brass anklets of the Kondh tribe, and much more. Lots of tribal dance shows are put up for visitors to enjoy. There are many festivals and rituals that are explained in the form of skits for tourists to enable them to understand the emotions and implications behind them. The aim of the Adivasi Mela is to introduce people from all over the world to the thriving indigenous culture of the region, its food, attire and myriad traditions of the tribes.

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