Balasore is a coastal area in Odisha, lying in the northern part of the state. It falls at a distance of nearly 195 km from Bhubaneswar. Spread over an area of about 3,634 sq km, its natural beaches and heritage temples attract tourists from all over the country. The place is generally hot and humid, with May being the hottest month, and December the coolest. Other places that one can mark on their itinerary include Chandipur, Talasari sea beach, Chawmukh sea beach, Kashaphal sea beach and temples like Panchalingeswar, Khirochora Gopinath, Langaleswar, Laxmannath, Chandaneswar, Maninageswar. The main Baleshwar Temple is dedicated to Baleshwar, another name for Lord Shiva. Balasore is the headquarters of the Baleshwar district and used to be an important maritime town during the medieval times. The parts of the town called Farasidinga and Dinamardinga used to be occupied by the French and the Dutch and one can still find remnants of the foreign possession in this town. It was earlier part of the ancient Kalinga and later became a territory of Toshal or Utkal; remaining so till the death of Mukunda Dev, one of the rulers of the state of Odisha. It was created as a separate district in 1828; earlier it was in the Bengal presidency. The game of Akhada, played during Durga Puja, is popular in Balasore.

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