Aquatic adventure reaches new levels of thrill when you embark on river rafting escapades. India is crisscrossed with rivers that run wild and it is a treat for adventure enthusiasts to journey through their rapids and currents aboard a raft. India has scenic and spirited rivers like the Ganges (Rishikesh), Indus, Zanskar (Ladakh) in the north, the Teesta (Darjeeling-Sikkim) and Rangeet (Sikkim) in the northeast, and Dandeli (Karnataka) in the south that all provide penultimate adventure. Each destination has different classes of rapids and some also offer chances to canoe and kayak through their waters. 

It’s one thing to be above the water and a totally different ballgame to be submerged in it. For those who are enthralled by the ecosystem underwater and on ocean beds, there is no adventure quite like scuba diving. This activity really gives divers a chance to get one-on-one with nature. Various types of fish, coral, and shipwrecks can be spotted at different points along India’s vast coastline. Several companies organise these trips and some of them require you to go through training lasting from a few hours to a few days in order to head on the underwater adventure. Some of the places where you can enjoy scuba diving include the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (known for its famed corals), Dwarka in Gujarat (for sunken cities, whale sharks, and various coral species), Goa (perfect for beginners given the warm temperatures and absence of major currents. Things to see include fish, shipwrecks and coral), and Lakshadweep (warm waters, turtles, tropical fish, amazing lagoons and corals). In Goa, scuba diving is best done from October to May, in Lakshadweep from May to December, in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands from November to April, and in Dwarka from October to March.

Surfing is an activity that makes you feel like you’re walking, rather running, on water.  India is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea, both of which have warm water and waves that are good for surfing. Goa, Gokarna (Karnataka) and Varkala (Kerala) are among the best places to head out on a surfing trip. What’s more, after you are done, all of their beaches invite you for rest and relaxation!

Topping off all of this watery adventure is the relaxed charm of a river cruise. While the rivers in India can offer up enthralling rapids, they can also be calm and provide soothing waters perfect for idyllic cruises. The backwaters of Kochi (Kerala) with their many houseboats, the mighty Brahmaputra in Guwahati (Assam) with its many small islands, and the wonder of the Ganges in Kolkata (West Bengal) all attest to the fact that lovers of water-based adventures must not miss out on river cruises when it comes to an entertaining Indian itinerary!