The Triloknath Temple, around 60 km away from Spiti, is one of the oldest shrines in the area. It is visited by both Hindus and Buddhists – the only temple in the world to be revered by both. While the Hindus worship Triloknath as Lord Shiva, the Buddhists consider him as Arya Avalokiteshwar; in Tibetan language he is known as Garja Fagspa. A stone complex found in the temple in 2002 traced its establishment to the 10th century, when it was known as Tunda Vihar. The inscription also describes that the temple was built by Dvanjra Rana, one of the ancestors of the Rana thakur rulers of Triloknath village. 

Devotees can stay at the temple for an immersive experience. There is accommodation available for 125 people at a time. In summer, the temple runs a free langar (community kitchen) service for devotees. 

In close proximity to the temple lies the beautiful Hinsa Nallah, a lake with pristine milky white water. Legend has it that once seven people used to come out and drink the milk of the cows that used to graze here. One day, one of them was caught by a cowherd boy, called Tundu, and taken to the village. When the boy reached the village, the man he had caught had turned into marble, and it is said that that statue has been installed at the Triloknath Temple. The temple is considered highly sacred, next only to Kailash Mansarovar. 

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