Perched at a height of almost 10,000 ft above sea level, the quaint village of Giu is known for its picturesque views and stunning surroundings. Tourists are drawn to this seemingly sleepy village for a mysterious 500-year-old naturally preserved mummy. It is believed to be of a lama who died in a sitting position when he was only 45 years old. It can still be seen in a sitting position, with a rosary in its hand, and its nails, teeth and hair intact. The body parts have not decayed either, despite no chemical preservation. There is a belt tied around its body that is believed to be the gomthak that monks would tie around their neck and down till the knee as they meditated. Some believe that the yogic posture in which the monk is sitting can self-preserve the body. The monk, from the Gelugapa order, was called Sangha Tenzin. It is fondly called Mummy Lama by the villagers.  

Today, it is placed in an independent room on a hilltop and is a major tourist attraction. Carbon dating dates it back to 1475. Local lore says that the villagers believe the mummy looks after the village. In fact, there is a legend that says that the monk sacrificed his life to save the village from a menace of scorpions and, till date, there have been no more scorpion sightings in the village. 

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