Lying at a height of 4,205 m above the sea level, the mountainous village of Kibber is known for its natural beauty and monasteries. Many say that the landscape of Kibber resembles that of Tibet and Ladakh and thus its beauty lies in its barren splendour. The famous Ki Monastery, which is the largest monastery in the valley, lies very close to the village that is a base for several high-altitude treks. Another attraction is the Kibber Sanctuary that lies a little beyond the village and is spread over a 1,400 sq km area. This sanctuary is the only one in India that is located in a cold desert and one can find blue sheep and ibex here. Kibber is also one of the most fossiliferous (containing fossils or organic remains) regions in the country and a great place to learn about history. Kibber used to be the highest village in the region and was permanently inhabited and connected by a motorable road. 

Other Attractions in Spiti Valley