The city of Dhankar is one of the most popular sites in Spiti. The prime attraction here is the Dhankar Gompa or Dhankar Monastery, which lies at a height of about 3,370 m, and is almost 1,000 years old. The word 'dhankar' means fort in local dialect, and the place was once the castle of Nono, the ruler of Spiti. This fort monastery was also used as a prison during the early days of its construction. One can find several Buddhist scriptures in the Bhoti script, along with a life-size silver statue of Vajradhara (supreme essence of all male Buddhas) that sits on a glass altar ornamented with scarves and flowers. Another highlight is the statue of Vairochana or Dhayan Buddha that leaves one in awe of its splendour.  Around 150 lamas call this monastery home. Visitors can also undertake a 2 km trek to the Dhankar Lake, which lies above the monastery.

Other Attractions in Spiti Valley