Situated about 65 km from Sanchi, Udaypur is dotted with many elaborate and beautiful temples like the Udayeshwar Mahadeva Temple and the Neelkantheshwar Temple, which are excellent examples of the Parmara style of architecture. The Neelkantheshwar Temple was built in 11th century AD. The plan of the temple includes a garbha griha, which is a sanctum sanctorum; a sabha mandap, which is a prayer hall; and three pravesha mandaps, which are elaborate entrance porches.

The temple is noted for its graceful spire and the intricate medallions which adorn its sides. It is built out of red sandstone and stands on a high platform. It is enclosed by a small compound wall and the main features are a shikhara (spire), three entrance porches, a hall and a shrine.

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