The grand structure stands tall and imposing at a height of 42 ft and a width of 106 ft. The central chamber of the stupa is a large hemispherical dome that is home to many relics of Lord Buddha. Traditionally, however, stupas do not contain relics and merely depict teachings and philosophies through carvings. Sanchi Stupa is surrounded by elaborate toranas, which are free-standing arched gateways used for ceremonial purposes in Indian temple architecture.

The intricate carvings on the doorway are inspired by the life events and miracles of Lord Buddha, taken from the Buddhist jataka stories. The original stupa built by emperor Ashoka was a low brick structure, only half the diameter of the present edifice. It was supported by a raised terrace at its base and was enclosed by a wooden railing with a stone umbrella on top. The stupa can be seen from as far as 4 km away, surrounded by lush verdant trees and serves as the nucleus around which the other stupas came up eventually. It has been declared as a UNESCO world heritage site.

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