As the name suggests, the Great Bowl is indeed just that. What makes it fascinating is that it has been carved out of a single rock. The Great Bowl was used to store the food that was meant to be distributed among the Buddhist monks living in the monasteries in the vicinity. It is also known as Grand Gumbha and is among the most popular spots in the Buddhist circuit in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Other places of attraction in Sanchi include the Sanchi Stupa, which is a 42-ft-high and 106-ft-wide imposing structure. The central chamber of the stupa is a large hemispherical dome that is home to many relics of Lord Buddha. Sanchi Stupa is surrounded by elaborate toranas, which are free-standing arched gateways used for ceremonial purposes in Indian temple architecture. The intricate carvings on the doorway are inspired by the life events and miracles of the Lord Buddha, taken from the Buddhist jataka stories.

other Attractions in Sanchi