Considered a landmark in Patna, it is the biggest mosque of the city. It is well known by the locals as Shershahi. The aim of building it over such a generous space was to ensure that large numbers could gather at this mosque and pray together. Architecture-wise, the mosque is sure to leave one impressed. There is an octagonal stone slab on top of the tomb inside the masjid complex.

A big dome lies at the centre of the roof and there are four smaller domes constructed around it, ensuring a unique aesthetic appeal. But there is much more to this grand mosque when it comes to the architecture. The designing of the domes, done so many years ago, has to be commended for its precision. From every angle that you view the domes when you are inside the mosque, you can only see three domes at a time. And, even when you view them standing outside the mosque, you can only view three of the five domes on top of the mosque.

This 16th century mosque was built by emperor Sher Shah Suri, who founded an empire, with its capital in Sasaram, in the state of Bihar. He had got the mosque constructed to commemorate his reign. The structure has strong Afghan architectural influences and is one of the many beautiful mosques in Bihar. Many say the great king got the mosque built when he won the battle against Mughal emperor Humanyu. Located to the west of Dhawalpura, at the south-west end of the Purab Darwaza, it was constructed between the years 1540 and 1545.

The Sher Shah Suri Masjid is open to visitors on all seven days of the week and has always been well appreciated by tourists from across the world for its beautiful and inspiring architecture.

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