A part of the National Council of Science Museums, the ShriKrishna Science Centre is Bihar’s only regional-level science centre, and also the country’s first. It was established in 1978 and was named after Bihar’s first Chief Minister. Since its founding, it has been promoting the idea of “science education for all” through non-formal means of instruction. It lies towards the south-east of Gandhi Maidan, in a quiet lane. The beautiful garden that lies alongside is also designed to showcase some principles of science.

At the entrance is a large and colourful display board with the rotating blades of a windmill prototype and echoes of dinosaur calls. One can see the time based on the location of the sun in the Sun dial at the entrance. Each of the three floors of the main building are dedicated to a specific themes related to science. In the Fun Science Gallery on the ground floor, one will come across several kinds of equipment demonstrating scientific principles. The energy ball, for instance, demonstrates the conversion of energy from one form to another with the help of balls that roll, turn wheels, hit bells and create melodies on a xylophone. Other exhibits include organ pipes, curving train and infinite train, magic tap, lazy tubes, illusive sphere, momentum multiplier etc. There is also a workshop and a conference hall on this floor. The first floor has many sections including the mirror section and the ocean life section. Besides, there is a floating ball that demonstrates Bernoulli’s principle and a vortex that is based on centrifugal force. Along with an auditorium, this floor also has an exhibit of the human evolution. On the third floor are clearly demonstrated the beginning of life on earth. A 3D show is held here during the day after every two hours.

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