It is a South Indian-style temple that was built in 1851 by Sri Rangadeshik Swamiji, and draws inspiration from the Sri Varadaraja Temple in Kanchipuram. According to legend, Andal, the famed 8th century Vaishnava saint who composed "Tiruppuvai" (a series of thirty stanzas written in Tamil), which speaks of her love and devotion for Lord Krishna, appears in the form of Lord Ranganatha and agrees to wed her.

At Sri Rangji Temple, Lord Krishna is seen as a bridegroom, carrying a walking stick, which is a custom in South Indian marriages. Andal is to his right, while Garuda, his sacred vehicle, is to his left. Here, you will find a lovely blend of South and North Indian customs and influences. It is one of the few temples in India where rituals are held as per prescribed Vedic texts.

The highlights of the temple include a 30-m-high gopuram (gateway) and a tall golden pillar. There is also an idol of Lord Vishnu on the Sheesh Nag inside the temple. The temple is noted for a 10-day Rath Festival, which is held in the months of March and April, as well as Brahmotsava, during which devotees play Holi.

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