Potra Kund, a large stepwell in Mathura, holds a special place in the hearts of Lord Krishna’s followers. According to popular belief, Mata Devaki and Vasudeva would wash their children's clothes in this stepwell. In fact, the word 'potra' means clothes. It was originally known as Pavitra Kund, and was believed to purify the soul.

The stepwell is adjacent to Krishna Janmabhoomi and is connected by underground pipelines to River Yamuna, flowing 3 km away. It was one part of the prison where Devaki and Vasudeva were imprisoned, and where Lord Krishna was born.

Given its association with the lord, devotees flock to Potra Kund with a belief that it would cleanse their spirit and wash off their sin. They come here looking for a fresh start, which is why it is particularly crowded during festivals and other special occasions.

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