This is the site where the Lord Krishna is believed to have performed Rasleela with Goddess Radha and his gopis over 5,000 years ago. In fact, locals believe that Lord Krishna performs the Rasleela every night, which is why the doors of the temple shut after the evening arti, and everyone, priests included, leave the premises. Even the trees in the surrounding forest are strange and mystical – the roots of the tulsi plant, as well as the trees, grow twisted and in pairs. It is believed that these roots transform into Lord Krishna’s gopis at night. A reservoir named Lalita Kund is situated in the middle of the place. It is named after a gopi who asked Lord Krishna for water after dancing. It is said that he ploughed the earth with his flute, and water emerged from this spot. Rang Mahal is another attraction where Lord Krishna is said to have done shringar for Goddess Radha. Every night, the priests leave neem datun (to brush his teeth) and paan (betel leaf), along with a jug of water, next to a sandalwood bed. The next morning they appear to have been used.

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