Attached to the Gandhi Museum, the Government Museum draws a large number of visitors. It houses rare exhibits depicting the rich cultural, historical and religious heritage of Madurai. It also showcases antiques, Chinese ceramics, palm leaf manuscripts , bronze statues and urn burials. The museum showcases The most interesting section of the museum is the one that hosts artefacts from various excavations. Another section that displays Palaeolithic, Microlithic and Neolithic tools is also an interesting peek into history. It is a must visit for history and art lovers. Established in 1981 during the 5th World Tamil Conference, the museum deals with archaeology, anthropology, zoology, numismatics, botany and geology. The building where the Gandhi Museum and the Government Museum are located is known as Tamakkum Bungalow among locals. It is said that it was constructed by the Nayak Queen, Rani Mangammal (1689-1704).

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