Famous for its captivating architecture and intricate sculpting, the Azhagar Koyil Temple is one of the most attractive temples in the region, nestled at the foothills of Alagar Hills Set amidst lush green surroundings, the temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and holds immense religious significance. According to legend, the temple was visited by the Pandava brothers, Yudhishtir and Arjun, during the Mahabharata period. Another popular tale associated with the temple is about a disciple of Saint Ramajuna regaining his lost vision at the temple complex. The Alagar Hills are named after Lord Thirumal, who is known by his local name Alagar among people of the region. The ruins surrounding the temple suggest that a fortified ancient city once existed around the temple. The best time to visit the Azhagar Koyil Temple is during the months of April and May when devotees from all parts of the country visit the temple for the annual Chithirai Festival.

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