This quaint little town is famous for its majestic houses built in typical Chettinad style of architecture and authentic Chettinad cuisine. Built in the early 20th century by wealthy merchant families, the huge Chettinad mansions are adorned with intricately carved doors that resemble the gateways of the Hindu temples in South India. The most attractive building is the 115-year-old Chettinad Palace, which is frequented by visitors for its imposing architecture and opulent interiors. The palace houses decorative items and furniture that were brought from East Asia and Europe while the marble used in the palace is from Italy. The exquisite wooden work in the palace has been done on teak wood from Myanmar and the crockery on display was brought from Indonesia. Kaanadukathan is also famous for its local cuisine, which is prepared in the typical Chettinad style using plenty of herbs and spices. People from nearby areas throng to the town in the droves to relish local delicacies like Chettinad chicken, fish, crab, lobster, prawn and lamb. Chettinad temples hold a unique position as these magnificent structures are built as per the norms of Vaastu Shastras and Agama Shastras. Maintained by the rich and wealthy of that time, these temples boast some of the finest carvings and designs. Some of the special features of the temples are majestic towers and a holy tank within the complex. The best of these is the renowned Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple. Tourists can also check out the exquisite arts and crafts of Chettinad that are famed across the country. From silver embellishments, wood carvings and woven sarees to gold jewellery, palm-leaf baskets, handmade tiles and egg plastering, there is a fine selection of articles on sale. You can indulge in shopping for the beautiful Chettinad sarees as well that are known for their vibrant colour combinations, bold stripes and checks. Kaanadukathan lies about 90 km away from Madurai.

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