Spread over a vast area of 29 hectare, the zoo, popularly called Lucknow Zoo, houses as many as 1000 animals across more than 100 species. This zoological garden is home to carnivores like tiger, white tiger, fishing cat, Indian wolf and leopard, as well as a hybrid lion. It also has species like sloth bear, Indian black bear, jackal, common fox, jungle cat etc. Herbivores like giraffe, hippopotamus and various kinds of deer are also housed here. Many endangered species of primates, like Hoolock gibbon and rhesus monkey are also protected by the zoo. Other than these, a multitude of bird species, like white peacock, hill myna, Indian parakeet etc, as well as various kinds of reptiles like Indian python, cobra, viper, crocodile and many more, can also be found here. Visitors can also explore the well-equipped aquarium and the cool nocturnal house, where different types of owls and other nocturnal animals, including porcupines, are cared for. 

The zoo is also known for its “Bal Rail”, a toy train that takes kids around the park. You can also go paddle boating in the man-made lake here. Since this place is quite vast and there is a lot to see, there are a number of pollution-free battery-operated vehicles for moving about the zoo.

The garden was established in 1921 and was earlier called Prince of Wales Zoological Gardens to commemorate the visit of the Prince of Wales to Lucknow. 

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