About 25 km from Lucknow in the Barabanki district, Dewa Sharif is a famous pilgrimage town. The main attraction of this historically rich town is the tomb of Sufi Saint Haji Waris Ali Shah, an exponent of universal brotherhood, who is believed to have commanded mystical powers. 

Devotees from all across the world visit this place throughout the year to pay their respects to the 'mazars' (graves), famously called Dewa Sharif. A popular fair known as Dewa Mela is held here on the occasion of the annual Urs, generally during the months of October and November. The highlights of the fair include Kavi Sammelans (gathering of poets), musical performances, etc. The fair ends with a brilliant display of fireworks.

Dewa Sharif is also one of the few places in the country where people come together to play Holi, irrespective of their faith. This is because Haji Waris Ali Shah believed that every religion is based on love and devotion, and started this tradition of brotherhood. He is now revered by Hindus and Muslims alike, who come to the shrine to seek his blessings.  

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