The Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary is known to host hundreds of species of birds. Siberian cranes are among the category of migratory bird species that rest here. The other species that call Nawabganj home include shoveller, painted stork, woodpecker, common teal, peacock, white ibis, open-billed stork, vulture, tern vulture, Indian roller, lapwing, pheasant, parakeet, coot, purple moorhen, jacana and whistling teal. 

The sanctuary also has a huge lake where several species of fish, such as the kavai, saul, sindhi, katla, and mangur are found. The lake is surrounded by an expanse of green and houses a lovely, lush deer park, which is the habitat of a rare type of deer, locally known as hangul. Reptiles like Indian cobra, rat snake, water snake, and viper have been documented at Nawabganj as well. 

Watchtowers from where you can observe the winged residents of Nawabganj without disturbing their natural environment too much have been set up around the park. This small yet beautiful bird sanctuary is a great place to unwind amidst leafy, shady trees, while listening to the call of hundreds of birds that seem to welcome you to their home. 

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