If you are visiting Thenmala, a boat ride through the Shendurney Wildlife Sanctuary tops the list of things to do. Home to a number of species like elephants, tigers, bison, leopards, lion-tailed macaques, Nilgiri langurs, sambar, wild boar, deer and others, the sanctuary is located at a distance of 66 km from Kollam. The best way to explore the sanctuary is through a jungle safari. You can also trek along designated paths in the sanctuary and camp near the reservoir. You can also head to the Kurumthotti Top Hut, from where you can spot wildlife easily. Staying overnight can be a thrilling experience as one can sleep to the sounds of nocturnals at night. 

An artificial lake formed by Parappar Dam over Kulathupuzha, Kazhuthurutty and Shendurney rivers is also worth a visit as one can get sweeping and scenic views of the surroundings. The sanctuary has also gained archeological importance in recent times after a cave dating back to the Mesolithic age was discovered in the forest. Spread over an area of 172 sq km, the Shendurney forest was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1984.

Shendurney was the cradle of one of the oldest river valley civilisations in India - one older than even the Indus Valley, which dates from 4400 - 3700 BC. Paintings, similar to those of the Mesolithic period (5210 - 4420 BC) found in the caves of Central India, have been excavated from a cave, large enough to hold 20 people, situated at the north-western part of the Shendurney river.

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