A stunning houseboat tour through the calm waters of the Ashtamudi Lake takes you to the majestic Thevally Palace, which was once the residence of the king of Travancore. A blend of Portuguese, British and Dutch architecture, the palace speaks volumes about the glorious past of the princely reign. Nestled amidst coconut groove and palm trees, it boasts picturesque surroundings that can be enjoyed from the top of the building. It is also an engineering marvel and has been plastered using laterite and lime to keep the interiors cool during the summer season. The palace was constructed between 1811 and 1819 during the rule of Gauri Parvathy Bai, queen of Travancore. It was used for conducting meetings of the rulers with British officials. Legend has it that the palace was witness to the beautiful love story of a British official and a local woman. While the British man lived across the palace, the woman resided in the palace. It is believed that the two lovers communicated through a dog, in whose memory, a monument was raised in the Thevally Palace.

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