Almost off the tourist map, Raneh Falls is among the unexplored areas in this region. Just 22 km from Khajuraho and 44 km from Panna, these spectacular falls is formed when the Ken river plunges down a 30-m-deep canyon, formed with pure crystalline granite in different colours like pink, green, red and grey. As the water gushes down the rock face, the sunlight reflects on these coloured stones, creating a surreal scene. Hidden amid a serene, green forest, Raneh Falls  looks the prettiest during monsoon. Since very few people are aware of this paradise, one can find many quiet and peaceful spots here. There are many small and big falls, some of which have a furious flow of water during rains. The falls is situated just where the Panna National Park starts. Ken river is quite prominent here and is an important point for crocodile conservation as an alligator park has been set up along its banks. One should not forget to tote their camera while visiting this place as the scenic view promises enthralling pictures to photographers.

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